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Despite the increasing array of alternative payment methods available the provision of cash services to personal and business customers remains an important consideration for most commercial banks and financial institutions.  Given the current challenges of the global credit crunch traditional sources of cash deposits and the need for efficient cash management and cost control of cash operations have renewed imperatives.

The degree to which cash handling is internally managed or outsourced to others is influenced in part by a country’s cash handling model and by the commercial bank’s own cash position, either being cash negative or cash positive.

As Central Bank delegation policies and internal efforts to improve efficiency and drive out costs intensify the opportunity for more sophisticated – usually highly automated – cash handling operations grow. 
As these market conditions develop so too does the need for professional cash logistics services and specialist consultancy advice.

Having worked with commercial banks and cash logistics companies both large and small with cash positive and cash negative profiles the blond group can provide a full range of different services to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and develop new solutions to meet regulatory changes and support business growth. 

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Commercial Banks & Cash Logistics Companies