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Today's Challenges

Cash handlers across the globe are faced with a number of common challenges to improve efficiency, reduce or control costs or to respond to continually evolving marketplace changes.


Working around the world the blond group has addressed many of these challenges drawing on deep market understanding, international best practices and careful consideration of country specific dynamics to craft successful strategies to tackle these issues.


Closed Cash Cycle Management
There has been some industry talk of late about ‘closed cash cycle management’, an idea that sees banks and retailers reduce cash handling costs by eliminating the need to transport cash from central banks and cash centres.

While a closed community location, such as an airport, a military base or a small parade of shops with a community bank and a few local retailers might make for an excellent self-contained cash recycling environment, the need to maintain banknote fitness standards, support Central Bank oversight requirements and be able to introduce new note designs and retire older ones will still require some frequency of external intervention in the supply chain.


Working with NCR Corporation the blond group recently prepared a White Paper to share some insights into the logistics that support the world’s most preferred payment mechanism.

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Banknote Fitness Quality

Maintaining the quality of banknotes in circulation is a major challenge for Central Bank issuers and commercial sector cash handlers in many parts of the world.

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