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Typical commercial sector assignments have included:

 Reviewing existing and developing new cash handling strategies to meet internal business goals, support other payment channel strategies and respond to regulatory and market changes.

 Analysing bank wide and individual automated teller machine (ATM)/ branch cash funding profiles and reviewing wholesale cash funding and trading arrangements.

 Supply chain and process simulation modelling to optimise distribution networks and internal cash handling operations.

 ATM and branch cash forecasting analysis, process and system development,
software evaluation and implementation.

 Armoured carrier / cash logistics company cash processing and secure transportation supplier review, performance assessment, service level agreement development and supplier contract renegotiations.

 Establishing and developing commercial cash handling product portfolio and service offerings for both commercial banks and armoured car / cash logistic companies.

 Developing responses to and preparing plans to meet Central Bank cash handling policy changes.

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Commercial Banks & Cash Logistics Companies