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Paul Blond
Managing Partner &
Principal Consultant

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Paul Blond is a leading international authority on physical cash management, cash handling practices and cash supply chain logistics. 

With a solid background in retail and private banking Paul has worked for British banks Abbey National,
Harrods Bank and Lloyds TSB.  In consultancy led roles Paul has worked for information technology specialist Admiral Management Services (now a part of Logica), niche currency management consultancy practice
Currency Consulting International and the world’s largest commercial banknote printing and cash handling company De La Rue.

In over twenty years consulting experience Paul has worked with more than fifty different Central Banks, Banking Associations, Commercial Banks, Cash Logistics companies and other cash handlers in over thirty countries worldwide.   Paul’s international experience covers all continents of the globe giving him a unique perspective on the different geographic, demographic, economic and cultural factors that influence cash handling strategies and policies.  Highly attuned to Central Bank considerations, Paul also has a keen grasp of commercial sector cash handling activities and the implications of Central Bank policy changes on commercial organisations.


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