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Typical Central Bank assignments have included:

 Conducting independent market research to study country specific cash handling and management practices providing rich insights into commercial sector needs and capabilities.

 Formulating country specific preferred cash handling models and Central Bank cash payment system strategies and developing supporting change implementation programmes.

 Reviewing existing Central Bank operations and resources to identify opportunities for process optimisation and areas for infrastructure change using the latest supply chain and process simulation modelling tools and techniques.

 Support in the set up and construction of new cash vaults or managing the closure and consolidation of existing vault networks, including the evaluation and selection of the latest cash handling hardware and software solutions.

 Analysing currency quality assurance and counterfeit prevention initiatives and the development of policies to maintain the quality and integrity of currency in circulation.

 Reviewing and refining off balance sheet trust or compensatory payment systems and the analysis of commercial sector compliance to scheme rules and objectives.

 Developing and supporting currency changeover plans from single note/coin introduction to full scale currency redenominisation.

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Central Banks & Monetary Authorities